Try This...

Try this;
Jump on to YouTube. Hell, get an account and upload a little video of your own.
You can use anything to shoot it, from your webcam or digital camera to a pro videocamera. Your piece could consist of a single photo or slideshow and sound track, to an animation built from a string of stills or a Full HD masterpiece of cinematic expertise. It could be a six second snip of your dog catching a stick to a highly polished documentary or drama. There are almost no restrictions on content. It can be funny, sad, thoughtful, stupid, weird, political, opinionated. It can be sexy but it can't contain nudity or graphic sex. Absolutely anyone can do it.
There is an incredible amount of stuff there. Lots of very good stuff as well as lots of what could generously be described as utter crap. That's to be expected when anyone can do it.
Another thing that anyone can do on You Tube is to post comments on any video they watch. Not only that but you can post comments on comments.
I'll try not to get too carried away but you can even post comments on comments on comments...etcetera. All at the click of a mouse.
In fact many videos have generated long trails of commentary consisting of numerous conversations between commentators. Not all of them are friendly conversations. Some videos have generated vigorous debate between perfect strangers who have logged on and reacted to what they have seen in vastly different ways.
Here is where it gets very interesting, and soberingly instructive as to the nature of humanity.
Among the many contributors to the You Tube archive are military personnel on duty in the Middle East. Some appear to be videos that soldiers with handy cams and video phones have uploaded. Others are of a more official nature and consist of tactical footage and are preceded by a frame of text in English or Arabic describing the military unit releasing the images and often with a short background explaining the action. Both sides are posting clips for all to see.
These military contributions depict soldiers engaging their 'enemy' on the ground and from the air. From hidden positions sniping targets or calling in air-strikes, to full frontal, guns blazing attacks filmed in helmet cam or from the infra-red targeting cameras of aircraft and missiles delivering their deadly payloads.
They are breathtakingly graphic. You will see people running for their lives ,and you know that you are among the last to see that man, woman or child alive before, in a camera jolting thump, they are converted into a warm stain on the landscape.
Now go to the comments section.
What you will discover is the most incredible series of sickeningly aggressive and almost universally illiterate rants in support of the actions depicted in the videos. These rants are from what we are to believe are normal members of the public responding to the clips they watch. The vast majority of the comments loudly cheer the staggering, mind-numbing overkill that is the War in Afghanistan and Iraq. It is surreal in the extreme.
On the rare occasion in which the actions are questioned, the person who posts the comment is viciously lambasted by a succession of apparently highly agitated and obviously under-educated 'patriots'.
I would be tempted to guess that a good number of these replies are from PsyOps personnel except it seems that most of them are written by folk who seem more than just a little bit retarded.
The calibre of the pro war commentary is very interesting. I'll cut and paste a few...

kick some ass marines. All you hippies need to check out my comment on iraq war footage- america returning fire il explain some shit to you you probobly wont understand due to all the thc particles in your brain wall but I know first hand. So keep kikin ass marines n fuck dees hippies”.

im glad they died they hate all americans,they wanna live in the stone age and they fucked with the wrong country iu think we should pull all of our troops out and nuke em all we'd be doing them a favor”.

Your a dumbass, how is the u.S. babylon?! If were so bloody evil then why are we the freest nation in the world?! People are allowed to say virtually everything here except "kill the president" your ignorance is stupifying, its scum like you that makes me even happier when I see a video like this”.

The last two comments were associated with two different streams of dialogue inspired by a video of a mosques congregation being eliminated by small areal bombs as they exited the mosque. Did you know that in infra-red from a few thousand feet in the air, you can't hide? I learned that on You Tube. Definitely don't try hiding in cars...
You can freely view the final moments of hundreds of human beings with the click of a mouse on You Tube. No sign in. No age limit. It is nothing short of free snuff media.
I needed a break from the slaughter. I clicked on a thumbnail for a music video clip. It had a hot girl in a swimsuit in it.
I was instantly redirected to a page which informed me that the content of the clip might be inappropriate for some viewers.
I had to sign in at this point.
Then, when I had signed in I was redirected to another page where I was asked to reassure the site that I was over eighteen. I clicked the button in numb amazement and got the clip.
It was five still images of a girl in a modest, one piece swim suit, alternating on the screen in a simple slide show to music. I thought, 'anyone could do that'.


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