At long last, a serious media conversation about the root cause of almost every globally important problem; the Human population.
Have a listen to it here-
Download Audio - 02122007

In it you will hear a number of perspectives but among them is a fellow who is the true embodiment of the real reason we just can't seem to solve the things that blight us as a species. This man voices one of the most un-selfconciously idiotic contradictions that I've heard since... I don't know when.

He said that people who choose not to breed for reasons that are not medical are selfish. He then went on to report that he couldn't understand why people wouldn't want to pop out offspring in order to see themselves recreated in their young.
Any species that obtains an ecological advantage will thrive. If the organism proliferates to the point where it becomes a threat to the stability of the environments with which it interacts, then we have a word for it. That word is, "PLAGUE". There is nothing controversial about this.

Some people see the reality of our ecological status and choose to curtail their desires to breed in an attempt to step outside the blind, biological drives that are speeding us to an unpleasant mathematical inevitability. If they are lambasted as selfish by ignorant superstisious simpletons, what hope have we of becoming worthy of our claims to being something other than animals.


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