Mnemonic Impunity.

Mnemonic Impunity.

Mnemonic: Of or relating to memory.
Impunity: To go unpunished.

Who do you think determines what is remembered by history?
 The Victor.
 The Victor almost always determine what is to be remembered as "the truth" by a people.
 The Victor comes in many forms; From generals and dictators to popes and mullahs, the presidents of nations and of corporations. The local mayor or gas company CEO. That brown-nosing snot down the hall who you know will, inevitably, see his way to the top to inflict his mediocrity upon ever more innocent humans.
 Whether it's the workplace or in war, in the great games of life, the Victor is the competitor who makes it to the top of their game.
 In any competition, those who are bound by fewer rules will almost always beat competitors who are bound by more.  People who are unbound by the inhibitions of morals and ethics make a disproportionate contribution to the population of those who have risen to the top of their games. Google: corporate psychopath, high functioning psychopath and prepare for some sobering statistics.

 From here they gain the power to record the official story of their ascent.

Those, by whom the greatest acts of stupidity, greed and outright bloody-mindedness have always been performed, are among the prime disseminators of information in our world. They have an almost limitless capacity to control the degree to which their actions become known by you and I, the public.
Leaders, who make decisions which are obviously stupid or selfish or needlessly belligerent, are seldom held accountable for those actions, even if they were warned of the consequences beforehand! This is because they have so much control over the narrative, and eventually the narrative becomes so embedded in our understanding of the world that we forget that the story had to come from somewhere, and someone.
 We are easily overwhelmed by the distractions and spin.
 The Victors understand this quirk in our nature only too well, so they overwhelm us with distractions and hide behind the certainty of mnemonic impunity while running amok with the power they wield.

 Ask yourself; when thinking about the first years of the millennium, do the words Britney Spears or Habeas Corpus hold more meaning for you?

You can decide to make this end here and now.

Here's how...

 We need to create an unstoppable force which remembers the names of the powerful through the eyes and the souls of the people upon whose lives they impact.
 That would make their every nightmare come true.
 If you can link in posterity, a fools name to the results of his works, then he will be remembered in posterity as the fool he truly is.

  So how do we know to whom we should direct our critical attention?
  If a lot of people are getting upset about something, find out what it's all about. If lots of people are freaking out about something, chances are, it's important.
  All you have to do is listen with a critical ear and read a bit.
  Educate yourself as to the nature of your natural, political and international environment.
  You will become aware of the people who are shaping your future and the impact of the decisions that they are making on our behalf. You might even start to enjoy the process of discovery.
Listen to the radio.
Just give the subject a few minutes' thought.
Get an opinion based on thought, data and discussion, not simply through exposure to the opinionated.

Never forget to think about who might be providing the information and read and listen between the lines. But read and listen none the less. Be wary of the TV. The only way to get a viewpoint onto the T.V. is to pay. The more you pay the more you can say, and those with the most to loose usually have the most to spend.

 You've heard it before; T.V. will rot your brain.
 If you don't know why it'll rot your brain, then find out before it does.
 TV is the ultimate homogenizer.

 It is desperately important that you familiarize yourself with the entire tool-kit of the P.R. industry. Learn about VNRs (Video News Releases), ANRs (Audio News Releases), Astroturf Groups and how they are used by powerful interests to shape your opinions.  Find out how almost every aspect of your life is touched by P.R. companies and lobby groups and why their influence evaporates the moment you discover their tentacles reaching into your life. This knowledge will change and liberate you. They want you average. You are easier to manage and sell crap to that way.

When you know the name of someone who abuses the power they wield, write it down and describe the issue in your view. 
What do you think will be the repercussions of their decisions?
Was science on the side of this decision maker or not?
Was the future of anything but a balance book taken into account?
How do you think the executive of this decision should be remembered?

Should this persons life be lived out under the cloud of a deafening;

"WE TOLD YOU SO ... Idiot"...?

Should they be denied the MNEMONIC IMPUNITY that they seek.

 Put this thought to a blog and supply many descriptive tags, and links to any similar material.
 Most importantly, include the tag; "mnemonic impunity". This will create a common reference point for future users to search from.
The net is a vast library and that tag will cause all files that bear it to be easily grouped by search engines. That tag, Mnemonic Impunity, will become the spine of the Big Black Book in which we remember our leaders. This book of memory will exist everywhere and nowhere and it can't be controlled by the Victor in the usual ways.

  The difference between our current age and any other point in history is that this is the first time in history that such a great diversity of people have had a chance to write their history as it happened. We can now ensure the story is written by people other than the Victor, through their own eyes for their own children to see.
 For anyone to see.

  If you simply decide to take this seriously and extol the virtues of my cunning plan to a trusted friend or two, you and I could start the thing that sets a cure in motion.
 If enough people make this a habit, there will come to exist a vast, ever growing, easily searchable archive of information, attached to a culture that constantly feeds it, holding accountable the names of those to whom we may then lay blame in history for the decisions we always knew should never have been made.

 Soon; months, maybe years, but eventually, something like this will become the conscience for the vast, sprawling, infinitely networked, living thing we have become. Whether it's this version or the next, ourselves or someone in the future, something like this will inevitably emerge. You can be a part of it. We just need to decide to make it happen.

Make it happen. Pan.


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